portrait of Kelly Gaffney

Kelly Gaffney

Division Director


Office: 40-165  Phone: 650-926-2382


portrait of Amita Gupta

Amita Gupta

Associate Director


Office: 57-2062  Phone: 650-926-2260


portrait of Pooja

Pooja Sadarangani

Administrative Associate


Office: 40-R154B  Phone: 650-926-4560


*Note: Office numbers are in the form building#-rm# at SLAC unless mentioned otherwise.


PULSE Faculty and Research Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Uwe Bergmann Distinguished Staff Scientist 40A-111 650-926-3048
Philip Bucksbaum Faculty / PI 40-R161 650-926-5337
Kelly Gaffney Faculty / PI 137W-314 650-926-2382
Tony Heinz Faculty / PI 40-165 650-926-2414
Todd Martinez Faculty / PI 40-R112 650-926-5593
David Reis Faculty / PI 40-R162 650-926-4192
Shambhu Ghimire Staff Scientist / PI 40A-211A 650-926-2071
James Cryan Staff Scientist / PI 40-R143 650-926-3290
Taisia Gorkhover Project Scientist 40-R112 650-926-3297
Adi Natan Associate Staff Scientist 40A-110A 650-926-5350
Amy Cordones-Hahn Associate Staff Scientist / PI 40A-115 650-926-4125
Thomas Wolf Associate Staff Scientist 40A-113 650-926-2533
Edward Hohenstein Senior Staff Scientist 40-110A  

SUNCAT Faculty and Research Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Thomas Jaramillo Faculty / PI 57-2024 650-926-5040
Zhenan Bao Faculty / PI   650-723-2419
Stacey Bent Faculty / PI   650-723-0385
Matteo Cargnello Faculty / PI   650-724-6422
Thomas Bligaard Senior Staff Scientist 40-225 650-926-2716
Frank Abild-Pedersen Senior Staff Scientist 40-229 650-926-2480
Johannes Voss Staff Scientist 40-233 650-926-2156
Chris Hahn Associate Staff Scientist 40-215A 650-926-4010
Michal Bajdich Associate Staff Scientist 40-233B 650-926-2156
Allesandro Gallo Research Associate 40-209A 650-926-5596